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By now all of you would have read a multitude of opinions on the impacts arising from recommendations in the Final Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission. From Eric’s perspective, there were no surprises in this Report and the critical need to focus on customer outcomes was emphatically reinforced across the entire Final Report. From the issue of the three ASIC reports on the add-on insurance space, the first being in February 2016, we

The Journey and Future of Eric Insurance

Posted on December 5, 2018

Category: News
Following the Royal Commission into banking and insurance, Eric Insurance has chosen to address the challenges presented by the changing insurance industry. We are committed to making a positive change and look forward to what the future brings. The journey so far… Eric Insurance is entirely Australian owned and has been a general insurer in the car and motorcycle industry for many years. While we’re a big enough company to make a difference, we can

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