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What To Do If Your Tyre Blows Out

In the unlikely event that one of your car tyres gives way and blows out, it’s important that you are knowledgeable and prepared for whatever situation you may be faced with.

I can speak from experience when I say that it is nothing short of frightening when you’re driving 100km/h down the freeway and your tyre suddenly explodes, which is why I’m here to educate you on what and what not to do in the rare instance that your tyre fails you.


Neglect your Vehicle

Underinflating your tyres is one of the leading causes of tyre blowouts, check your user manual and make sure that your tyres are regularly filled to their manufacturer recommended pressure.


Drive safely

A lot can happen in a very short period following a tyre blowout, so it is vital that you are prepared and ready to be in control of the situation if it does arise. Potholes are another leading cause of tyre blowouts, driving sensibly and being aware of your surroundings can act as preventative measures that will help minimise your chance of a tyre blowout.


Slam on your brakes

In the event that your tyre does blow out, this is arguably the worst possible thing that you can do. Slamming on your brakes may send your car into a spin, which could potentially cause harm to you, your vehicle and those around you. As instinctive as it may be, do not slam on the brakes.


Follow these steps

Firstly, calmly yet firmly grip your steering wheel and ensure you have control over the vehicle. Let your vehicle slowly come to a stop on its own by gently releasing your foot from the accelerator and make your way towards the side of the road/a highway exit. Do not come to a complete stop in traffic as it will prove very difficult to relocate your car with a blown tyre.


Check your cover!

You may find that your comprehensive car insurance does not include cover for tyre blowouts, this is where eric can help! If your tyre is punctured or your wheel gets damaged and these do not occur as the result of an accident, eric’s Tyre & Wheel Insurance is a cost-effective way to protect you.


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