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Where to Ride Your Dirt Bike Around Australia This Summer

There is no better time than the start of 2021 to begin (or continue) exploring our own backyard, and what better way to do so than on the back of a dirt-bike.

Here are some of our favourite dirt-bike spots that you can find throughout Australia.


Labertouche (VIC)

Labertouche, known locally as ‘Larby’, is our top suggestion for dirt-bike riding (in Victoria, at least). Located just half an hour out of Berwick in Melbourne’s outer east, this spot is ideal for daytrips, with plenty of tracks to explore and hills to climb.

Anglesea (VIC)

A rural spot with daytrip and overnight stay potential, Anglesea resides under half an hour from Geelong and offers up some of the best tracks that Victoria has to offer. Jump on the socials and see if you can link up with a local for some guidance.

Bairnsdale (VIC)

Bairnsdale is the ideal spot if you’re a beginner, an advanced rider or even a seasoned veteran. Alright, fine, it is the PERFECT spot for riders of all skill levels. Many group rides occur here throughout the year, there’s some great Facebook groups that you can join to find out more on when/where some Bairnsdale trail rides are occurring.

Lochmaree Motorbike Park (NSW)

Unlike most of the suggestions listed, Lochmaree is definitely a weekender, day-trippers may be waking up super early for this one. With over 2000 acres of endure tracks, this Motorbike park is welcoming of all ages and skill levels.

Yengo State Forest (NSW)

One of the most popular spots for dirt bike riding in New South Wales, Yengo State Forest is home to several trails to keep you and your mates entertained for hours. Definite day-trip potential.

Lockyer National Park (QLD)

Just an hour west of Brisbane, the Lockyer National Park is home to some of the best riding trails that can be found in Queensland. Look out though, Lockyer can get pretty busy on the weekends. Lockyer is the ideal spot for a daytrip or weekend getaway if you’re located near Brisbane.